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Steuart Henderson Britt once said, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.” 

We work with clients to understand their business and digital marketing goals. We combine both strong creativity & strategy to ensure sustained traffic to your website. Focusing on social media and purpose, we develop a clear and actionable plan, which will drive business results. Visitors = Leads = Growth. 

Let us help you turn on the lights, so people can see that you’re winking at them.

Digital Marketing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we’ll optimise the visibility of your website and web pages on search engines, meaning you’ll have more of a chance to be noticed by potential customers who are looking for someone exactly like you.

SEM primarily involves paid online advertising (e.g. Google AdWords) and the understanding and reporting of search engine analytics, i.e. the research and analysis of rankings and keywords. Paid Social Media Much like SEM, social media as a business tool has evolved over the years, making it a huge player and influencer in today’s always-online business landscape.

All businesses need a social media presence, and what really drives results is the mixture of engaging content and paid advertising on social platforms; which includes advertising banners and promoting news feed content.
Google Display The days of solely brick-and-mortar business are over. If you aim to grow your business, it’s mandatory to invest in online search engine advertisements—the big hitter here being Google.

At De Santis Creative, we don’t only design and implement display ads—mainly HTML5 and flash banner ads—but we’ll show you how to monitor them as well to get the best of out the entire process. Google Maps The missing link between bricks (physical businesses) and clicks (websites) is showing customers exactly where to find your business. We can’t stress just how important it is for location-specific businesses to be found online.

Whether you’re a tradie, dentist, lawyer, restaurateur, retail store owner, or anything under the sun, we’ll implement and optimise your business’s Google Maps needs to help your customers get to you the quickest way possible. Google Analytics Reporting In order to understand where your business is going, you need to monitor its growth and performance metrics.

De Santis Creative will streamline and simplify this process by monitoring web analytics (your website’s performance) and tracking conversions (stats on your customers) for you, all the while compacting all the data into a concise, easy-to-understand monthly report. Content Marketing Having a business without any proper content marketing is like owning a dingy shack while shouting out the window. Let us renovate your shack into a sturdy house and hand you the megaphone.

Our content services include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (optimising the visibility of your website and web pages on search engines)
  • Landing page content for marketing campaigns (implementing specifically designed pages that your customers see upon entering your website)
  • Brand storytelling (giving your brand a unique feel all throughout the customer journey)

Blog research and content creation (observing and understanding what content works for your industry and creating the content needed to engage with potential customers) Email Marketing (eDM) We receive tons of emails on a daily basis from various businesses, from online shopping to banks, travel agents, etc., but, as a consumer, we never really think into how those emails came about.

When consumers don’t realise that an email has drawn them into your website so smoothly or pushed them over the line during a sale, the marketers behind the email’s implementation get a little tingle down their spines.

De Santis Creative will run your eDM (Electronic Direct Mail) campaigns from designing the emails and strategy, and coding where necessary, to deploying the email and monitoring performance.
Re-targeting Campaigns Ever visited a website, then scrolled through Facebook or browsed other websites only to find an ad for that same business seemingly following you around.

This is the digital marketing practice of re-targeting, which is basically planting a cookie into the user’s browser to follow them to their future destinations, so as to increase brand recall and exposure.
Re-targeting is practically a second chance at alluring a customer to reconsider engaging with your business. Customer Persona Research When talking about your target market, do you really know who they are? It’s easy for us to say “males and females, aged: 22-55 who travelled in the past year” for example, but could you define one individual in your target market. Give them a name, occupation, marital status, traits, goals, frustrations etc? Customer Personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers.

Working with our clients, we help drill down to create an ideal customer for your business, then market and advertise to that ideal customer. In essence this creates a ripple effect. Get in touch to learn more about Customer Persona Research. Digital Brand Management Social Media Facebook gestates intent better than any other promotional or channel, while its cousin, Instagram, creates ideas and desires. LinkedIn is a place of business, knowledge and sales people and twitter is space filled with nonsense, opinions and fake profiles.

We create a unique strategy for your business and help find the right platform to spread your word, product or service and grow your brand’s relevance and reach. Website Management Stress less. Let us take care of the engine and service, while you get to enjoy the shiny look of a clean car that runs well.

Our web management plans include; monthly reporting, monthly backups, weekly surface checks, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), unlimited content updates and 24 hour support. Google My Business There are 3.5 billion search queries a day. The saying “You’ve got to be in it to win it” comes to mind.

Google My Business provides a way for customers to find your business or service online via search, maps or metadata (the little box you might see on the right hand side of the Google results).   Analytical Reporting Google Analytics is a powerful tool every business with a website should be utilising. The data provided by the platform can be used to discover new markets, generate leads, increase sales/customers, track demographics and much much more.

De Santis Creative can provide monthly analytical reporting that breaks down your website’s performance, areas of improvement and tips on how to do so.[/builder_content]

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