We help brands and businesses reach their peaks creatively.

Fresh Perspective

Just like the cold air you breath at the base of a mountain, we want to freshen your perspective.

We do this by crafting exceptional creative for those looking to scale that mountain by improving their marketing efforts. From print to video content and beyond, we take the utmost pride in delivering visually impressive content that connects with the people you need to wow.

As a tightknit, nimble team, we’re able to stay close to your project every step of the way; to treat it like it’s our own.

We’re the ones standing alongside you as you stare confidently at the mountain’s summit.

Fresh Perspective
De Santis Creative About

But who are we, really?

Lorem ipsum… Just kidding, we actually wrote something for this.

Apart from being avid creative marketers, we’re just a couple of gamers, music lovers, snow skiers, footballers, film critics, creative writers, grate spellrs, Freddie Mercury impersonators (in the shower only), pioneers in dad jokes, guitar players (no Wonderwall requests), but you’ll learn a whole lot more when you get to know us.

What we do

Branding / logo design

Creative Ideas

Creative Marketing Campaigns


Social Media


Graphic Design

Video & Photography

De Santis Creative
Mind to Matter

Mind to Matter

[ mahynd-too-mat-er ]

A phenomenon of thought and emotion whereby something tangible and somehow valuable is formed. 

In other words, we bring big ideas to life! Through innovative, creative, and exceptional branding, visual communication, and marketing campaigns, we help elevate good businesses to become great ones.

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