Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Small Business

The world has never been the same since Mark Zuckerberg decided to develop a website where people could connect online. Facebook has since become the most used online social platform since the email, with roughly 2.07 billion monthly active users, according to Statista. In saying this, if your small business is not on Facebook (or other relevant social media), you must be out of your mind

Being present on social media is a huge part of digital marketing in today’s world, simply because it’s:

  • FREE (to an extent)
  • directly connects you to consumers
  • acts as a social hub for your business

Although simply being on social media is just one part of the formula, the next is to be actively present. By posting relevant content a few times a week, you are putting your business in the minds of your its followers and/or customers, and we all know repetition is the best way to remember something (this is called brand recall).

As well as this, posting social content positively increases brand perception and therefore, brand reputation, because, as consumers come across your content, they can think one of three things (depending on your content): “this is (1) great, (2) average, or (3) terrible”.

The last (and hardest) part of the formula is getting it right. To understand your business, you need to understand your customers, then conceptualise some advertisements and translate them into posts.

In a social media sense, anything can be an advertisement as long as it relates to your business:

  • a blog post that discusses or explains certain topics
  • a social post emphasising or clarifying a certain product or product’s feature
  • a social post of an event you or your team are attending

Don’t post what random act your crazy devil cat is doing, or how tasty your steak and mash is; leave those for your personal profiles.

We can help add online value to your business

We would be more than happy to explore with you the possibilities of digital and social marketing.

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